How we make a difference

For nearly 25 years, the Irish Support Agency has provided front-line support to anyone in the Irish Australian community who finds themselves in circumstances of crisis or distress.

We understand that bad luck can happen to anyone, and that sufficient bad luck can be devastating.  Health, work, legal or financial issues can feel overwhelming when you are so far away from your usual support network. Whether you need a friendly voice, a helping hand or something more tangible to get you back on track, the Irish Support Agency is here to help.

What We Do

Those who present to us are often experiencing some level of physical, mental or emotional trauma in their lives and the Irish Support Agency makes a profound difference in their lives.

We do this through practical guidance, outreach programs and referral to qualified specialists for advice. We run programs to help promote mental and physical wellbeing, social inclusion and a sense of connection in our community.

Our Educational Outreach Programs

Silver Surfers Class
  • One-to-one weekly classes have been operating for many years aimed at increasing the computer literacy of our seniors.
  • This enables them to stay connected with family and friends, research or access information on services or leisure activities. 
Parenting Support

Circle of Support and CPR for Kids

Having a baby abroad, especially a first born, was identified as a ‘crisis point’ for many young Irish Women in a Government funded report on the needs of Irish emigrants. With family support some 15,000km away, the rational for this program is to bring together Irish parents for parenting support and social connection.

Promoting Mental Health & Wellbeing in Our Community

In 2017, our research identified the need to develop a program to manage the mental health and wellbeing of the Irish Australian Community in NSW.

This much needed, high impact program is increasing the awareness, understanding and ability of key community members to respond to mental health issues. There is now more conscious listening and greater access to support in the community than ever before – and this is only the beginning.

Successes so far

  • Three training events run over an intensive two-day program
  • 32 Irish Community Leaders trained
  • Potential reach of almost 3000 people
  • Hosted our first Accidental Counsellor training event in 2019 in conjunction with Lifeline
  • Designed to develop knowledge and skills to support someone in crisis.
  • All ISA staff, committee members and a number of key volunteers within the Irish Australian community in Sydney have all completed this vital training.

Hugh’s Story

Hugh, a long - time sufferer of complex psychiatric illnesses, approached us after a run in with the law. Over the coming months, Hugh had many encounters with addiction and correctional services, acute medical hospitalisations and multiple involuntary detentions under the Mental Health Act.

Each step of the way, he and his family at home were supported by a member of the Irish Support Agency.

Details have been changed to protect clients’ privacy.

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Fundraising – We Need Your Help

Donations and fundraising offer tangible hope and healing to people most in need of assistance and the impact of this ripples out to the families and friends here in Australia and at home in Ireland. 

With your help we can secure emergency accommodation for someone escaping domestic violence, put food on the table for a struggling family, help with medical bills following an acute injury or facilitate access to counselling support services following bereavement.

Together we can be that support network, a home away from home.

Our Fundraising Community

Feeling Inspired? Perhaps you could host a morning tea or dinner party, run a themed dress day at work; or let those competitive juices battle on a poker or trivia night, a karaoke or dancing contest.

Maybe join a community fun run or challenging sports event? The choices and opportunities for fun and friendship within your local community or sports club are endless.

Just fill in the form below to create your very own fundraising page!

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Other ways YOU can help?


We know that not everyone is able to run a mile or has time to organise an event. But you can still make a valuable contribution. For those in a position to do so, we kindly ask for your support in the form of a donation. Any amount, large or small, will make a real difference to someone in need.


“We cannot thank the Irish Support agency enough for the incredible support they gave us during a very difficult time for our family, when our son was seriously injured in Sydney. A wonderful organisation run by people we are now proud to call our friends. Thank you so much.” The Cierans Family 

“I will be forever grateful for the support and guidance given to me by the Irish Support Agency during a very difficult time late last year when my best friend took his own life here in Sydney. This organisation is run by amazing people and is one that every person here in Australia should be very proud. Thank you for everything.” Shane Coleman